A Competitor of Faith

SU Sports Special Interest Feature


Senior communication major Josh Sidener of Orland, Calif., clings to Joshua 1:9, “Be strong and courageous. Do not be terrified; do not be discouraged, for the Lord your God will be with you wherever you go.”

As a young kid, prior to attending Hamilton City High School, Sidener didn’t have any interest in playing basketball; rather, he found his passion in soccer.

“I played soccer before I moved up to Orland, but the youth leagues weren’t any good, so I picked up other sports, and basketball just sort of stuck,” says Sidener.

He went on to receive many honors and awards throughout high school and college basketball. Such awards throughout his high school years include All-League, All Tri-County Teams, Team MVP, Coach’s Award, All-League Honorable Mention, and Honor Roll/Merit Roll. Sidener, while donning number eleven for the Simpson University Red Hawks, received the “Pound for Pound” Award during his sophomore year.

Sidener’s power, though, is not necessarily and completely denoted by his pound for pound strength, but instead it is found within himself as a man of God.

“God has blessed me with the spirit of a competitor,” says Sidener. “I love to go out every day and train. I love getting out there [on the court] and elevating the energy level of a game.”

Greatness doesn’t rely fully on physical power or strength. Greatness is achieved by dedication and maintaining a hard work ethic.

When asked what he does on the court to improve his skills, the 5’11” guard said, “I lift, shoot, and run—you know, the normal stuff you do on the court.”

And in regard to honing in on his skills off the court, Sidener says he likes to research his opponents in order to learn as much as he can about them before he and his teammates play them, and he loves hanging out with his teammates.

“We lift weights with one another, eat meals together, and tell a lot of jokes on the bus,” said Sidener. “Each of us are all gifted in our own individual ways. I think that God blesses everyone with certain gifts. Those gifts could involve anything from being extremely athletic to being extremely smart.”

Sidener’s day of commencement is quickly approaching as the months draw near to May of 2010, and whereas he has no plans on going anywhere outside the Redding area, he will be going somewhere in life.

“I have faith that the right doors will be opened for me,” Sidener said. “I can’t be scared or discouraged. I just gotta believe that He’s right there with me.”

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