Player Spotlight: Krystal Shaw

Simpson University Sports News


Q.  How long have you been playing softball?
A.  I started off playing baseball when I was younger, but I have been playing softball since I was 7 years old.

Q.  Who introduced you to softball and why?
A.  My dad introduced to me to softball, because my brother played baseball. Since I couldn’t play baseball, I went to softball.

Q.  You played at Chico State University. How many years were you there? How was your experience playing at the NCAA II level?
A.  I played at Chico State for two years. The experience was great. It was intense all of the time, and it was softball all of the time. I loved it.

Q.  Why did you transfer to Simpson?
A.  Coach Wayne Stower has been my pitching coach since I was nine years old, so we already had a great relationship. He was the main reason why I transferred. Also, my coach at Chico State and I didn’t see eye-to-eye on things, and I started to lose the love for the game. After speaking with Coach Stower, he brought back my love of the game.

Q.  How will your experience at Chico State help you at Simpson?
A.  The environment and play at Simpson is more relaxed then at Chico State. It is still intense but fun at the same time. Having that experience at Chico and being in a relaxed environment here will allow me to be a better player.

Q.  What kind of coach is Wayne Stower and why do you enjoy playing for him?
A.  Coach Wayne is a straight-forward coach, very cut-and-dry. You know what he wants and where he is coming from. I really enjoy playing for him because of that aspect.

Q.  What is your personal goal and team goal for this season?
A.  Make it to NAIA national tournament.

Q.  Who has had the biggest influence in your life and why?
A.  My dad is the biggest influence in my life. He has given up a lot for me, and I hope to do the same when I have kids.

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