Hall of Fame

The objective of the Simpson Athletics Hall of Fame is to pay tribute to those men and women who have helped bring recognition and honor to Simpson University on the playing fields and/or to those who by their deeds have made outstanding contributions to the overall athletic program.

Athletics Hall of Fame Criteria for membership:

  1. The Athletic Hall of Fame shall be composed of athletic lettermen, former and/or present coaches and other individuals who by actions show themselves to be outstanding benefactors to Simpson's athletic program.
  2. In general, athletes must have completed participation in intercollegiate athletics at Simpson University a minimum of five years before induction.
  3. In addition to athletic excellence, the recipient must be considered to be of good ethical and moral character in accordance with Simpson University ideals.
  4. Selection into the Simpson Athletics Hall of Fame should be done by the Hall of Fame Committee based on the outstanding overall contribution to Simpson Athletics.