Women's Basketball Roster

  Aubrae Pearson G JR 5’6” Psychology Redding, CA
  Amber Huffhines G SO 5’7” Communication Rio Linda, CA
  Alysa Ann Castillo G FR 5’1” Biology Santa Cruz, CA
  Ashley Hart W FR 5’9” Biology Hidden Valley, CA
  Brook Blaisdell F SO 6’0” Psychology Central Point, OR
  Chelsie Baham G FR 5’5” Communication Rancho Cucamonga, CA
  Danielle Stewart F SR 6’0” Communication Bremerton, WA
  DeAjane Conic F JR 5’9” Psychology Oakland, CA
  Esther Wofford G SO 5’6” Liberal Studies Encintas, CA
  Emma Lindburg G JR 5’6” Psychology Chico, CA
  Emma Peterson G FR 5’5” Biology Grass Valley, CA
  Erin Selleck G FR 5’7” Biology Grass Valley, CA
  Fallon Greenhaw W FR 5’8” Biology Anderson, CA
  Florentina Mendoza G JR 5’7” Psychology Sacramento, CA
  Hannah Saylor G JR 5’7” Communication Country Canyon, CA
  Katie Lenik F SR 6’0” Communication Mission Hills, CA
  Katelyn Brandler F FR 6’0” Biology Rancho Cucamonga, CA
  Lisa Ko G JR 5’6” Biology Reno, NV
  Melanie Shank G SR 5’6” Liberal Studies Tacoma, WA
  Mercedes Brown G FR 5’5” Undeclared Fontana, CA
  Rianna Gallardo W SR 5’9” Psychology Brentwood, CA
  Moriah Stock F SO 5’11” Biology Grass Valley, CA
  Shelby Lipscomb G SO 5’1” Biology Fontana, CA
  Raegan Lillie W FR 5’9” Business Colfax, CA

Head Coach: Derrick Pringle, Jr.
Assistant Coach: Open Position
Team Managers: Ayana MacShate, Emily Suryan, Allison Boyle, Karene Chilson, Amber Bishop
Directors of Basketball Operations: Katie Ratfield and Kaity Hahn
Scout Assistants: Ashley Bell and Tiffany Aaserude
Director of Athletics: Joe Griffin
Interim President: Robin Dummer
Colors: Red, White, and Black